Aramex boosts agent productivity by 50% with New Dream Network.

About Aramex

Aramex is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their services include express courier delivery, freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce and record management services.

Aramex uses many business applications and tools to fulfil orders and manage work. Delivering consistent, quality IT services and support to employees is critical to their success. As the organization grew, responding to service requests in a timely manner became a challenge for IT.  IT staff struggled with outdated processes and communication silos. Responding to service requests became increasingly difficult.

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The Challenges

  • Rigid in-house utility

  • Complex and clunky software

  • Delay in Ticket Resolution

  • Streamlining the workflow

What did
New Dream Network do

Aramex operates with a comprehensive IT structure comprising a global IT team and numerous local IT teams, totaling over 200 IT agents distributed worldwide. The global IT team is further segmented into three distinct sub-teams: IT Support & Operations, IT Infrastructure Team, and the Digital Transformation Team. Meanwhile, the local IT teams primarily focus on providing level-1 IT support to remote agents stationed at freight stations.

When users encounter IT-related issues, they raise tickets through various channels, which are then logged and recorded on the IT service desk. Initially, the ticket is directed to the appropriate local team based on the user’s location. If necessary, the ticket is subsequently escalated to one of the global teams for level-2 or level-3 support. All three teams actively collaborate within the service desk framework to efficiently manage and resolve tickets, seamlessly coordinating ticket movement between teams to ensure timely resolution of queries.

Facing limitations with an in-house legacy IT service desk characterized by rigidity, ambiguity, and ongoing resource demands for maintenance and upgrades, Aramex sought a more adaptable solution to meet its evolving needs. Romel Dababneh, IT Manager at Aramex, expressed the need to transition from the on-premise system to a cloud-based solution, aiming to eliminate complexity and enhance scalability.

In pursuit of a flexible and agile IT service desk, Aramex evaluated several options, including ServiceNow, ManageEngine, Zendesk, and New Dream Network Services. Ultimately, New Dream Network Services stood out as a robust solution that offered simplicity and clarity without adding complexity to IT operations. Romel emphasized the intuitive interface of New Dream Network Services, making it the preferred choice for both agents and users.

Following a thorough collaboration with the New Dream Network Services team to align with internal processes, Aramex executed a significant global rollout of New Dream Network Services. Romel highlighted the criticality of this global implementation to ensure seamless service delivery across remote teams and maintain operational continuity.


Aramex’s IT team collaborated with New Dream Network Services to equip its employees with a versatile service delivery system, including self-service and mobile capabilities. New Dream Network Services made the IT team easily accessible to employees from any location and device. By enabling employees to access K-base articles for solutions before raising tickets, agent workload was reduced, standardizing backend service fulfillment processes and enhancing continuous service delivery. Many of Aramex’s repetitive tasks are now automated and streamlined, empowering agents to provide more strategic value.

The average ticket resolution time decreased by 35%.

Aramex observed that one-third of escalated cases were related to the same topic, prompting the creation of relevant K-base articles, resulting in a 50% decline in related queries.

Aramex achieved a total savings of $56,000 after transitioning to New Dream Network Services.

End-to-End Visibility for the IT Infrastructure Team

New Dream Network Services enabled the IT team to create a centralized repository to track all assets. With comprehensive information on assets in use, data-driven decision-making became more straightforward. Critical decisions regarding the IT budget for multiple teams were facilitated by evaluating expenditures on IT and non-IT assets.

Empowering the Digital Transformation Team

At Aramex, the digital transformation team utilizes technology to enhance business efficiencies and deliver seamless customer experiences. New Dream Network Services, being a cloud-based and mobile-enabled IT service desk, aligns perfectly with their digital transformation objectives of scaling rapidly.

Next Steps: Scaling and Transforming with New Dream Network Services

Aramex plans to implement the change management module. Romel added, “The digital transformation team will communicate change requests and initiatives, and make announcements on New Dream Network Services. This is a significant component of Aramex’s digital transformation initiatives.”

Scaling New Dream Network Services to all teams is the next priority. With New Dream Network Services, Aramex aims to establish a unified service desk to support all business functions, including IT, HR, and customer service. Romel stated, “Many teams were drawn to using New Dream Network Services after witnessing the results with the IT team. Scaling New Dream Network Services to other teams and making it the single source of truth is part of our plan.”

"We wanted to get rid of the elephant in the room and move to the cloud. New Dream Network Services was a robust IT service desk that didn’t add any complexity to the IT operations, unlike the other service desks we considered. The simplicity and user-friendly interface made it the preferred choice for both agents and users."

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