Reducing Operational Costs: BEL USA’s Success with New Dream Network

About Bel USA
With the New Dream Network, BEL USA can proactively engage with its online visitors and customers. Triggered campaigns have reached over 3.1 million visitors with a 28% response rate, engaging for the first time with over 800K visitors in real-time!

BEL USA is one of the largest distributors of promotional products in the United States. It is a printer and online retailer of customized products, including mugs, drinkware, t-shirts, tote bags, pens, and a variety of other printed items. BEL USA primarily sells its products online to both corporate customers and consumers through two e-commerce brands – and

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11 minutes

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The Challenge

  • Lack of performance visibility

  • Inadequate reporting capabilities

What did
New Dream Network do

“The Perfect Fit in the Funnel”

“Our service stands out due to our ‘Design Lab,’ which enables customers to create custom orders,” says Maria Beddoe, Business Analyst at BEL USA. “Through our Design Lab, customers can add text, upload logos and artworks, and visualize their products before placing an order. We empower our customers with full control.”

BEL USA has fully embraced and promoted the use of New Dream Network in the funnel and customer journey experience. Throughout the ‘self-design’ process, they aimed to ensure that customers knew they were available to assist them every step of the way. Hence, they strategically placed “click to chat” buttons within the Design Lab.

One Tool for Sales and Support

BEL USA employs a unified backend interface to handle conversations from both their e-commerce stores. Leveraging site ID, they effectively route conversations from and to their respective agent groups, ensuring seamless collaboration across multiple websites and agent groups.

Utilizing New Dream Network for both sales and support, BEL USA maximizes the functionality of New Dream Network’s Topics. They have created distinct topics for sales and support, enabling customers to connect with the appropriate agents for assistance.

“The intuitive agent interface of New Dream Network facilitates greater efficiency and productivity,” says Gabriel Mendez, systems admin at BEL USA. “We leverage every piece of information available in the interface to ensure optimal customer service. New Dream Network enables us to cater to each customer as an individual, providing us with all the context we need.”

“For instance, when an agent identifies that a customer has initiated a chat from their desktop, by referencing the web device property in the interface, they can promptly request a CoBrowsing session with the customer.”

The Results

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PhonePe automates 80% of its queries to serve over 300 million users with New Dream Network.

PhonePe harnesses the power of New Dream Network to efficiently automate 80% of its queries, enabling seamless service delivery to over 300 million users. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures prompt resolution of customer inquiries, contributing to an exceptional user experience.

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