Tata Digital successfully deflects 120 million queries within 6 months, leveraging the assistance of New Dream Network AI.

About Tata Digital

Tata Digital is a division of the Tata Group, India’s largest conglomerate with products and services in over 150 countries and operations spanning 100 countries across six continents. Tata Digital focuses on creating consumer-centric, high-engagement digital products. By creating a holistic presence across various touchpoints, they aim to be the trusted partner of every consumer and delight them by powering a rewarding life.


India’s premier super-app, Tata Neu, marks the Tata Group’s foray into the realm of integrated rewards experiences across a plethora of consumer categories, encompassing groceries, fashion, electronics, travel, health, entertainment, and financial services—all unified within a single platform. Harnessing the collective strength of renowned brands such as AirAsia India, bigbasket, Croma, IHCL, Qmin, Starbucks, Tata 1mg, Tata CLiQ, Tata Play, and Westside, Tata Neu offers users an unparalleled shopping experience, positioning itself as the ultimate one-stop destination for all consumer needs.


At the heart of Tata Neu lies the simple yet powerful concept of NeuPass—a rewards program that grants users a 5% reward or more with every purchase made via the app. These rewards can be seamlessly utilized across all categories available on the platform, enhancing the value proposition for users.


With the monumental task of catering to India’s vast consumer base of 1.1 billion customers, Tata Digital recognized the imperative of finding a robust customer support solution that could scale alongside their rapidly expanding user base. In their quest for the ideal partner, Tata Digital meticulously evaluated industry giants like Zendesk and Salesforce. However, it was Freshworks that emerged victorious, thanks to its unparalleled suite of products and seamless user experience—a testament to Freshworks’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of its clients.

What did
New Dream Network do

Tata Digital faced several key customer support challenges that needed addressing:

1. Scale: With Tata Group serving 1.1 billion customers and aiming to reach every household in India (1.4 billion people) with the app.

2. Bot-led support: The need for automatic and instant support for customer queries without agent intervention.

3. Brand trust: Ensuring that the support solution maintained the high standard of customer service associated with Tata Group services.

4. Uninterrupted support: Providing always-on, 24/7 support to meet customer needs.

Freshworks emerged as the ideal solution, offering Tata Digital a flexible, secure, and highly automated support platform capable of resolving customer issues on first contact.

With the implementation of Freshdesk, Freshchat, and bots, Tata Digital achieved significant milestones in just six months:

– 50% ticket deflection via bots
– Over 50% CSAT
– 120 million bot-led resolutions

The Tata Neu app launched in April with 12 million downloads, rapidly growing to 30 million downloads with seamless support from Freshworks. By automating resolutions, scaling quickly, reducing handle times, optimizing support, and improving CSAT, Tata Digital empowered agents and satisfied customers with prompt solutions.

With bots resolving half of all customer queries, Tata Neu’s CSAT has already surpassed 50%, inching closer to their 85% CSAT goal in just six months.

  • Automate resolutions: Save time for customers and agents with bots-automated resolutions

  • Scale quickly: Deliver scalable, intelligent support across all channels and make agents more productive

  • Reduce handle times: Quickly answer customer questions with bots, intelligent automation and contextual agent handovers 

  • Optimize support: Front-line bots to take care of customers’ repetitive questions

  • Improve CSAT: Improve customer satisfaction through instant resolutions, intelligent self-service, and automation

"I appreciate 'New Dream Network' collaborative approach in building the product alongside us, the customers. Your willingness to listen to our input and incorporate it into the development process has been instrumental in our success. We are delighted to partner with you."

The Results

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PhonePe harnesses the power of New Dream Network to efficiently automate 80% of its queries, enabling seamless service delivery to over 300 million users. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures prompt resolution of customer inquiries, contributing to an exceptional user experience.

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