Enterprises Success Stories

Enterprise Sucess Stories

PhonePe automates 80% of its queries to serve over 300 million users with New Dream Network.

PhonePe harnesses the power of New Dream Network to efficiently automate 80% of its queries, enabling seamless service delivery to over 300 million users. This automation not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures prompt resolution of customer inquiries, contributing to an exceptional user experience.

✔︎ Digital transformation
✔︎ Artificial Intelligence services

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How New Dream Network’s automation capability is helping Sify’s digital sales team ride the digital wave.

For more than two decades, Sify Technologies has been central to India’s rapid internet and e-commerce growth. As India’s only true-blue ICT company and among the earliest to list on the NASDAQ, Sify offers a gamut of services like enterprise connectivity, managed cloud, and data center services, with revenues topping US$350 million.

✔︎ Digital transformation
✔︎ Sales sequencing Workflows

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