Kiran Jagtap

Director Of New Dream Network

Kiran Jagtap, as the Director of New Dream Network, not only brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the organization but also embodies a passion for driving success. His dedication to excellence extends beyond mere leadership; Kiran actively fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration within the team. Through his guidance, New Dream Network is empowered to adapt to evolving market dynamics while remaining at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge solutions. Kiran’s vision and leadership continue to inspire and propel the company towards greater heights of achievement.


In addition to his role as Director, Kiran Jagtap is deeply invested in fostering a culture of professional growth and development within New Dream Network. He prioritizes mentorship and empowerment, ensuring that every team member has the opportunity to flourish and contribute to the organization’s success. Kiran’s approachable demeanor and open communication channels create an environment where ideas are valued, and collaboration thrives. His unwavering commitment to the team’s well-being and success cements his reputation as a leader who leads by example, driving New Dream Network towards a future filled with innovation and achievement.
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