PhonePe automates 80% of its queries to serve over 300 million users with New Dream Network.

About PhonePe

PhonePe was formed with a mission to be a universal, seamless, and safe mobile payments ecosystem. It is India’s largest digital payments platform with over 300 million registered users transacting with over 20 million businesses.

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The Challenges

  • Managing support at scale
  • Automating customer service
  • Onboarding new agents faster.

What did
New Dream Network do

The anxiety surrounding

financial transactions
When it comes to payments and finances, customers often experience anxiety and impatience when encountering issues. Vishal Gupta, Head of Product at PhonePe, understood that delivering exceptional customer service was essential to building long-term customer loyalty.
PhonePe caters to a diverse customer base across the country, spanning various income groups and transaction types.

Whether it’s purchasing groceries or investing in gold, customers engage in transactions with merchants across a wide spectrum of services and amounts. Given this diverse range of services, Vishal aimed to ensure consistent service quality across all interactions.

However, training agents on over 1000 SKUs and rapidly hiring them posed a significant challenge. To mitigate this challenge, PhonePe decided to minimize the reliance on agent training in the customer experience and focus on automating as many customer service inquiries as possible.

Operating at a massive scale drives every decision at PhonePe. The company processes over 1.5 billion transactions per month, with volumes doubling every 3-5 months. In light of this exponential growth, Vishal sought a customer service platform and partner capable of seamlessly scaling alongside PhonePe.

Recognizing that only the best customer service partner could meet this challenge, Vishal sought a partner that shared PhonePe’s customer-centric ethos.

He emphasized, “Decisions at PhonePe are made with the consumers in mind, prioritizing what is best for them. We continually strive to identify opportunities to enhance their relationship with us and add value to their experience.”

A solution that hits the mark Vishal’s quest culminated in the selection of the New Dream Network customer service platform, renowned for its intuitive helpdesk and the AI-powered Dremerio bot.

Given the predominance of customer service queries on mobile, PhonePe has prioritized investments in live chat and chatbots, complementing traditional channels such as email and phone. PhonePe initially implemented chatbots to automate common service inquiries, such as “What’s my balance?”. Over time, they expanded automation to cover 850 decision items and seamlessly integrated their ERP systems with the Freddy bot platform. Remarkably, PhonePe resolves 80% of its customer service inquiries without human intervention, achieving higher CSAT scores for bots compared to traditional service channels.

In addressing the challenge of training agents on evolving services and scenarios, PhonePe deployed a Dremerio agent-assist bot. This bot aids agents by providing customer context, guided workflows, and suggestions for the next best actions.

In summary, PhonePe’s approach is undoubtedly on target!

“We adopted New Dream Network' Dreamerio omnibot platform for a highly automated and personalized customer experience. We have been using it for a year and can confidently say that we have accomplished most of what we had in mind.”

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